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Rat Pro Excavations & Plant Hire provides a range of services and plant hire with rates based on per cubic metre, per tonne, per hour or as a fixed project price For more information and a quote, contact (link to Contact Us) the team today EXcavators.

Schedule of Equipment Rates

The rates on this Schedule of Equipment Rates are for applicant-owned equipment in good mechanical condition, complete with all required attachments Each rate covers all costs eligible under the Robert T Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, 42 USC § 5121, et seq, for ownership and operation of equipment, including depreciation, overhead, all.

'Mid-Sized' Excavator? Depends on Who's Being Asked

A 16,000-pound tracked excavator could be a compact excavator, or it could be a full-sized excavator, or it could be a “midi” , for example, places the 17,306-pound 308D into its mini-excavator family As we look at the market offering in the 20,000- to 40,000-pound size range this month, the question still doesn't go away.

2019 Average Excavation Costs: How Much Does Excavation Cost?

It may be difficult to find someone willing to work on an hourly rate Many companies will want to quote you for an entire project, so, if things go smoothly, they can have some profit for their business You will probably need to pay by the yard An excavation company.

£/per hour for mini digger?

Jul 22, 2012· My digger driver is on £15 an hour but he has cpcs bollucks, all the health and safety tickets, reads drawings and plans, operates a laser level and most importantly gets out the cab to handball if needed The rates need to be up there to pay for quality staff and machinery.

Rate per hour for excavator and loader

Jun 15, 2010· I've heard of rates for the excavator of about $175 an hour I suspect that the rate for the loader would be less What are you charging? One fellow (who wants work done) is telling me that the excavator should not be worth more than $100 an hour Considering the price of fuel and repairs, for that rate, I might just go fishing instead of working.

Warrnambool Mini Diggers

Warrnambool Mini Diggers are an established mini excavator hire company who are proud of their outstanding level in customer satisfaction We are known for our attractive hire rates and flexibility of excavator availability but our customers keep coming back for our dependability as a hirer and the reliability of our machin.

Excavator Rental Rates: Renting Heavy Machinery for the Job

Mini Excavators Mini excavators are perfect for those small and medium digging jobs, as well as large trenching work where site space may be restricted and cannot accommodate larger excavator machinery Our mini excavator hourly rental rates include the operator, mini excavator, and a hydraulic thumb There is a 50% delivery discount on our.

Hydraulic Excavators & Excavation Equipment Rentals

Sunbelt Rentals offers Hydraulic Excavator & Excavation Equipment Rentals View our competitively priced Excavation Equipment for your major projects.

Trying to figure excavation estimate

Oct 15, 2006· Drop off charge about $125, excavator charge about $90 per hour, trucking a little less I'm comfortable staying on top of guys and making sure I am charged a fair amount Since it's your own house, maybe you don't actually need a firm price up front and could just make your deal for hourly work and then monitor the job in progress.


The fuel consumption rate for a piece of equipment depends on the engine size, load factor, the condition of the equipment, operator's habit, environmental conditions, and the basic design of equipment To determine the hourly fuel cost, the total fuel cost is divided by the productive time of the equipment.

Hourly Rate For Equipment???

May 20, 2010· I don't really use hourly rates because 95% of our work is contract and you can play with production rates and $ per hour to talk yourself into about anything, so basically it should be as high as it can be with out loosing out on bids When you get into the 8% success rate on bidding your probably at the market rate for your area.

Tom Bartha Excavating Equipment List

Equipment Owned and Operated by Tom Bartha & Son Excavating (1) 308 (1) Case 9030 (1) 305 Mini Excavator (1) 25 ton Tagalong (2) 318 CLN Excavators plumbed for hammer, plate or shear and equipped with a 24", 42" or 48" bucket.

Owning and Operating Costs

Jul 09, 2009· To get a clearer picture of what the owning and operating costs of a new compact excavator would be we turned to Marty Miller, product manager for excavators and Tom Connor, product specialist for.

Chamberlain Backhoe Service

Hourly rates for operated equipment such as backhoes, mini excavators, skid steers and dump trucks.

2019 Average Excavator Rental and Lease Rates: How Much

Excavator Rental Average Costs Excavators can be rented by the day, week, or month Not surprisingly, larger and more powerful excavators will cost more to rent than smaller models Daily rates range from $350 to $1,600 or more On the low end of that price range you'll get a.

Mini Excavator Rental

Sunbelt Rentals offers competitively priced Mini Excavator & Small Excavator Rentals for excavation applications in small or confined spac.

Construction Equipment with Operaton Rental Rates Ohio

*All hourly rates include operator and fuel Special rates may apply to comination rentals on the above equipment All above rates are subject to change without notice Hourly rate begins when machine departs from the yard There is a four hour minimum on all hourly equipment.


equipment hire rates rates effective 1st july 2015 day rates for specialist attachments apply to an 8hr day, any extra over use will be charged at hourly rate all rates are gst exclusive all equipment hire attracts a minimum 8hrs at bucket rate, while additional attachments are charged per day.

Excavator Rental Rates: Renting Heavy Machinery for the

Mini Excavators Mini excavators are perfect for those small and medium digging jobs, as well as large trenching work where site space may be restricted and cannot accommodate larger excavator machinery Our mini excavator hourly rental rates include the operator, mini excavator, and a hydraulic thumb There is a 50% delivery discount on our.

Hourly Rate For Equipment???

Jan 14, 2008· straight across the board,my hourly rates are $1000 per hour for each piece of equipment/laborer on the job,gawd how i hate when people ask for hourly rates and want to compare those with competitors hourly rat,ask me for a total cost number,there i'll be realistic.

What to charge?

Apr 15, 2006· The mini excavators have pretty much replaced rubber tired backhoes here aswell The 11-12,000lb minis can dig and backfill trenches where a rubber tired hoe can't go Also with septic systems a mini does a cleaner job because you can get in.

mini excavator hire hourly rate

mini excavator hire hourly rate Clear all Top Ads near you Mini excavator hire with experienced operator, $75 per hour 17 ton Yanmar excavator Attachments: - Mud bucket - Rock breaker - 200mm and 450mm augers - 200mm and 300mm trench buckets - Ripper Powerful little machine that is great for hard jobs in tight plac Will fit through 1m.